Are You Doing Your Part?

Are You Doing Your Part

When  deciding to sell a house, many think it is easy, simply put it at a good price and job done. In the property sector this is not entirely a guarantee that our home is sold before another neighbour. Actually there are many factors that influence a prospective buyer to feel that THIS IS THE HOUSE OF MY DREAMS…

As I said before are you doing your part. Today everything comes to us through the eyes and it is very important that the aesthetics of real estate assets that we sell offer something the other does not have. You have to differentiate themselves from competitors. If we think the neighbours are our competitors, it is possible that these little tips that I will mention are help full.

To begin with, we should not think that because it is a house that we want to sell and the new owners will want to make it there own, you better leave it alone.

Today, there are plenty of ways to give a facelift to housing without too much investment, without getting into reforms. Ultimately no extra estate costs. If the house is old and dirty, it does not hurt to give a coat of paint even white. This will not seem so old and feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness is remarkable.

It will give the buyer an idea of the space, which on the contrary is crowded with furniture.

Are You Doing Your Part?

On the other hand, if the furniture is something out of date and there is a lot of clutter. It is advisable to remove some and leave the really necessary. This factor is important and will favor the potential customer interested in the property.

Are You Doing Your Part?

PS.Don’t forget to keep the house clean and tidy for wen agents come round to take pictures. A cluttered house in pictures does not seem very appealing.


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