Resale Or New Build?

For some people, only brand spanking new will do, and this applies to buying a home as much as a car, sofa or suit. There’s of course a certain appeal of taking possession of something that has never been used and shaped by someone else, as well as a sense of the pristine. When buying…

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Are You On The Same Page?

Ok, so you think you know which country you want to buy your property in, most people will have visited a country and region many times before deciding to buy there. Many people will be buying with a husband / wife / partner, so it is vital you two are both aligned. My top tip…

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Are You Doing Your Part?

Are You Doing Your Part When  deciding to sell a house, many think it is easy, simply put it at a good price and job done. In the property sector this is not entirely a guarantee that our home is sold before another neighbour. Actually there are many factors that influence a prospective buyer to feel that…

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